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Photography is my way of helping people preserve special moments in their lives & to be able to look back several years from now and remember how they felt on that day.

My philosophy — Love is beauty, adventure, intimacy and much more. ALL Love should be celebrated no matter your skin colour, race, gender or sexual orientation. Everyone and anyone is welcome here.

Love is love 🌈

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Back Story

I grew up in a small town within the beautiful region of Niagara. And yes, literally surrounded by wineries!

I went to The University of Guelph for 4 years and studied in their Equine Management program. I graduated leaving with the passion to start my photography business and with no regrets. University helped guide me into knowing what I wanted to do with my future.

I own a cat named Blu and she is a Siamese mix. She's wild and cuddly with an attitude!

I started working with a camera back in the yearbook and photoshop class in high school. I eventually was gifted a camera to play around with and took me a few years to get back into it! Once I realized how unreal it is to be able to witness all types of love stories, I never looked back! I have been doing photography now for 3 consecutive years and have so many goals to achieve with my business!

I have travelled around the world and hope one day to be able to see more! A few places I have been to are Morocco, Paris, Amsterdam, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, Scotland, Spain, Italy and more! I have also seen other places in Canada too! Travel has been a part of my life and will always be! If you want to adventure and get married somewhere outside Ontario, let's do it!

My partner in crime, Nick is currently studying in Med school in Ireland and I hope to meet him there one day!

A Few of My Fav Things

  • Chasing sunsets- there is something so magical about a calm night watching the sunset. So pure and magical.
  • Starbucks dates- My fav drink is anything made into a frap, whats yours?
  • Burgers and fries with a shake- can't go wrong with FiveGuys.
  • Late-night junk food runs- anyone else guilty of this?
  • Fresh florals in the house- they bring a simple bliss of joy
  • My family- they are my support system.
  • My partner in life- Nick- the best thing that has happened to me.
  • and much much more!

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