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My name is Cass and I am 26 years old! I'm a photographer living vicariously through my lens - capturing your connections.

Photography is my way of helping people preserve special moments in their lives & to be able to look back several years from now and remember how they felt on that day.

Love is beauty, adventure, intimacy, and much more. ALL Love should be celebrated no matter your skin colour, race, gender or sexual orientation. Everyone and anyone is welcome here.

Love is love 🌈

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I am quiet, down to earth, and sometimes goofy. I love connecting on deeper levels with all people, watching sunsets on warm summer nights, traveling, and most importantly creating art with my camera.

I can promise you two things - timeless photo memories that you can hold on to for a lifetime and lots of laughter during your time with me!

Mizen Head, County Cork, Ireland

Mount Gabriel, County Cork, Ireland

Howth, Dublin, Ireland


If you are planning an elopement, vow renewal, engagement etc, this is a perfect opportunity for you!


/ Alberta

Mountains, lakes, canoe rides, hiking + much more. If you are in the Banff area within this time frame, send me an email and we can book a session with you!

July 11-13, 2022


/ Europe

"Ireland is the land of poets and legends, of dreamers and rebels" - Nora Roberts

September 1, 2022

"Photography is a form of time travel"

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Photography for the People and their lovely memories

Are you ready for your adventure? Let's do it!

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